Fun Date Ideas That Are Not 69

Why do you need fun date ideas –  you have your partner and don’t need to date anymore. That part of your life is behind you. Wrong! Dating your partner keeps your relationship alive and fun. It comes down to connection. Dating keeps the connection and the friendship alive. Here are a few fun date ideas to make sure you are keeping the friendship alive in your relationship.

All fun date ideas should include food…

Most dates include some component of eating. Any meal can be a date – breakfast, lunch, or dinner and don’t forget dessert! Don’t forget to set aside time for eating while planning your fun date – you don’t want a hangry partner!

If heights aren’t an issue…

Adventures are always fun and it if heights aren’t an issue, get out into nature by going ziplining. This fun activity combines a little bit of exercising with a spectacular view of this beautiful earth we live on! Do a little research and find a cool new spot to check out from above – don’t forget to make some videos of your partner sailing through the sky!

Keep your feet on the ground

So, you would rather keep your feet on the ground… go hiking! Check out the local trails or find a state park near you with awesome views. Make it a mission to see all of the waterfalls in your area. Being out in nature is a great way to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Get your competition on

Arcade night is a great date night… especially if you haven’t been recently! The games of your youth have been upgraded and are bigger and better than ever!  Get your competition on as you battle it out over Pac-Man and air hockey! Make some fun wagers for later!

If you are in the Austin, Texas area you can bring your date out for a fun game of Sex Trivia with me! The questions are random and the laughs last all night!

Surprise dates

Surprise both of you by making it a penny date. Grab a penny (or another coin) and have your partner pick a number – give them a range of numbers – and then you leave – by car or by foot – and at every stop sign/intersection you flip the coin – heads you turn left, and tails you turn right. That number your partner picked is the number of times the coin is flipped. At the last turn, stop and make a date wherever you are, with whatever you have available.

Play tourist in your own city

Check out the local historical society to learn about the local history. See if you can find a picture of either your home or whatever your home used to be way back when. Find the oldest bar in town and stop in for beverage… or the oldest café/restaurant. Find out what the city/town is most known for and go visit… play tourist in your own city. You might find a new favorite spot!

Craft nights

Check out a local pottery class or paint night– you will end up with some laughs and a fun memento of your date that will bring smiles to your heart for years to come!

Adding a naughty factor to any of these fun date ideas is always a fantastic idea! Add the Hot Date Night Game for a conversation starter with the Tell Me What You Think cards and end your evening with the Action cards at home!